Drupal Consultant, Solutions Architect, and former Video Producer with 15 years experience creating and developing content for multiple industries and associations. I am passionate about helping developers create high-performance, secure, and scalable application platforms that remain flexible to accessibility needs and future integrations.

Stuff I love to tinker with: Sass, Less, jQuery, Javascript, Bootstrap, Compass, Bourbon. Stuff I have well-versed experince with: PHP, Angular, Gulp, Grunt, Git, Mercurial, Acquia Cloud, Linux/Ubuntu. Stuff I've been known to have touched and successfully not ruined: NodeJS, MySQL, MongoDB, Python, Ruby, Wordpress.

Work History 

  • Technical Account Manager • Acquia | Boston, MA/Portland, OR (2018-Present)
  • Developer • Social Driver | Washington, DC (2014-2018)
  • Front End Drupal Developer • GLM | White Plains, NY/Fort Collins, CO (2013-2014)
  • Drupal Producer • Penton Media | New York, NY/Overland Park, KS (2011-2013)
  • Producer/Director • Cablevision Advertising | St. Joseph, MO (2006-2011)
  • Technical Care Specialist • St. Joseph Cablevision | St. Joseph, MO (2002-2006)

(Thanks for stopping by. I've completely re-themed this site recently, so please pardon some bugs while I'm still cleaning some things up.)


Here are just a few projects I've had the pleasure to help create or improve:

LearnDC • w/ Social Driver (2015)

Achieve.org • w/ Social Driver (2015)

Entnet.org • w/ Social Driver (2015)

Agriculture Workforce Coalition  • w/ Social Driver (2014)

Soiffer Haskin • w/ GLM (2013)

NGLCC • w/ Social Driver (via freelance) (2013)

NEXT Accelerator • w/ Penton (2013)

Windows IT Pro • w/ Penton Media (2012)

Wealth Management • w/ Penton Media (2012)

Travel & Photography

Armed with only an iPhone and the occasional Instagram filters, I've created an archive of a few pics I've taken over the years at home and on the road. Here are some of my favorites.

State Capitols

In addition to my regular photos, I also have a personal, life-long project to take a picture of all 50 U.S. State Capitols. You can find a gallery here of all the ones I've snagged so far.

Fall Countdown

Fall is my favorite season.  If it's yours as well, feel free to check in and see how much longer you have to wait.

Talk To Me

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